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Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector Project (SPISP) - Loan Implementation
Description of Project

The project assisted and guided farmers to productive use of investments in irrigated agriculture through participatory development processes.  SPISP had four components:

  1. Participation and Training – capacity building (training and awareness) of beneficiaries and affected persons using a phased step-wise training program for creation, formation and development of self-reliant water user associations and other community-based organizations – Civil Society Organizations, development of manuals and guidelines for community organization and strengthening;

  2. Infrastructure Development and construction management (irrigation, roads, and social/health) – use of participatory approaches from the pre-feasibility study phase to construction and system management and operation, included were flood control and drainage improvements in specific command areas;

  3. Environmental and Social Measures – included environmental compliance for construction and infrastructure operation, watershed management (for water allocation, erosion control, and improving livelihood opportunities on populated and cultivated watersheds), environment management and monitoring, resettlement, micro-finance with focus on women, indigenous people, and health; and

Project Management – involved policy recommendations, development of implementation guidelines, participatory benefit monitoring and evaluation, personnel and tasks management, procurement of goods and civil works (according an agency procurement plan and in compliance with ADB Procurement Guidelines), financial and budget management, and consulting contract administration., finance and budget management, contract administration for construction and services contractors, and construction management, supervision and monitoring.

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Description of
Services Provided

Detailed engineering design of subprojects

  • Designed and reviewed detailed engineering designs of irrigation and drainage canal system and other appurtenant structures.

  • Developed Operation and Maintenance system for SPISP approved subprojects for subsequent management by Irrigators’ Associations.

  • Trained NIA counterpart staff on improved procedures and practices for designs and construction.

  • Monitored and evaluated progress of construction

Institutional and Community development

  • SDS is primarily responsible for the Institutional and community Development component of the project.

  • Undertook institutional assessment of NIA and Irrigator’s Association in the project areas and formulated institutional development strategies that were aimed at capacitating the IAs to be self-reliant.

  • Provided technical assistance to NIA Institutional Development Officers (IDOs) in undertaking community organizing/development work and in formulating strategies for community and farmer organizing, and in the establishment of IAs.

Environmental Measures

  • Conducted 13 Environment Impact Assessment for the 13 subprojects

  • Developed resettlement plans

Irrigation management

  • Following a participatory approach, worked closely with water users groups (WUGs) and IAs towards the development of irrigation management strategies. Identified capacity building activities and developed training programs on irrigation management.

  • Developed effective irrigation management transfer program and strategies.

Training design and implementation

  • Development of the Project Training Plan that covered the four phases of subproject development including a one-year training program for farmers and project personnel

  • Review of existing Training Manuals used by NIA in national and communal irrigation systems

  • Review and analysis of the results of farmers’ Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

  • Development and management of the Basic Course in Community Organizing for Institutional Development Offices (IDOs)

  • Development of training materials and visual aids and pre and post evaluation instruments

  • Provision of overall management of the training course to include facilitating the training, acting as resource person, making arrangements for other resource person/s, and administering the evaluation instrument

Overall in-country project management

  • SDS provided the in-country project management support for the project, primarily supporting Hassall International, the lead firm and the Team Leader in the day-to-day management and administration of the project.

  • Managed project expenditure, procurement and provided a full-complement of project support staff.


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Client National Irrigation Administration, Department of Agriculture, Asian Development Bank
Location ARMM, CARAGA, Reg. VI and VII
Country Philippines
Period Covered June 2000 - December 2009
No. of Staff Months 478.00 person-months
Associated Consultant Hassall & Associates International (HAI), Binnie, Black & Veach, PRIMEX, Schema Konsult, Inc.
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
245.00 person-months