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PAGF - Technical Assistance for Southern Bukidnon Strategic Development Plan and Investment Program (SDPIP)
Description of Project

The output of the project was a Strategic Development Plan and Investment Program (SDPIP) for the 10 municipalities in Southern Bukidnon. The SDPIP defined the development direction for Southern Bukidnon and was consistent with the regional and provincial physical framework plans and development plans. As the regional plans for Region X was consistent with the Philippines Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP), it followed that the Southern Bukidnon plan will be consistent with the Philippine MTDP.

Through the technical assistance provided by PAGF, the Activity resulted in the production of an integrated plan and other associated documents. In the hierarchy of land use and socio-economic development plans in the Philippines, it lies in between the Provincial Physical Framework Plan / Provincial Development Plan and the Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan / Municipal Development Plan. When adopted, the SDPIP will have an impact on the subsequent Annual Investment Plans of both the Province and the Municipalities.

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Description of
Services Provided
  • Conducted orientation seminars with key project stakeholders;
  • Performed analysis on alternative integrated area development plan formulation approaches undertaken in the Philippines;
  • Prepared a draft action learning program and guidelines;
  • Undertook a socio-cultural and gender analysis of the potential activity beneficiaries;
  • Prepared a training program and guidelines;
  • Conducted formal off-the-job training course for the groups which will be involved in implementing the Activity;
  • Implemented the action learning program including stakeholder workshops;
  • Consolidated the 10 CLUPs and the MDPs of the SDPIP municipalities together with the Bukidnon PPFP and PDP
  • Prepared, finalized and present the SDPIP to the proponent and stakeholders for their approval;
  • Prepared an implementation plan for the SDPIP.

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Client Philippines-Australia Governance Facility (PAGF) / Australian Assistance for International Developme
Location Province of Bukidnon
Country Philippines
Period Covered February 2002 - November 2002
No. of Staff Months 17.00 person-months
Associated Consultant Hassall & Associates International
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
10.00 person-months