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Rural Infrastructure Development Project- Project Completion Review Mission
Description of Project

The mission evaluated the project implementation, assessed project benefits and conducted an economic and financial analysis.

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Description of
Services Provided

i.    Assessed adequacy and completeness of project design; evaluated performance of all Project components; determined deviations from appraisal with regards to project scope, project costs, implementation arrangements, and reasons for such deviations; and assessed the impact of such deviations on project benefit;

ii.    Prepared the draft text of Project Completion Report under the general guidance of the Mission Leader;

iii.    Evaluated Government’s sector strategies on environmentally sound agro-industrial development, and the impacts of such strategies on the Project;

iv.    Calculated economic internal rate of return of the Project with updated costs and benefits and compare with the appraisal estimate;

v.    Evaluated the processing and design of a project, by the borrower;

vi.    Assessed the performance of the borrower and EA in managing and implementing the project. In complying with ADB’s guidelines, policies. Practices, procedures, and loan covenants, and evaluate project costs, disbursements, and institutional improvements;

vii.    Assessed the performance of consultant, NGOs, contractors, and suppliers with respect to services, construction, supply, delivery, and installation;

viii.    Reviewed problems encountered during implementation and the effectiveness of measures to resolve them, by the borrower, EA and ADB;

ix.    Assessed whether the borrower, LGUs, EA/IAs and ADB monitored progress effectively in comparison with quantifiable and monitoring targets;

x.    Reevaluated the financial and economic performance of the project at its initial stage of operation and compared with the qualified indicators in the logical framework and PPR.

xi.    Assessed the project’s transition to operations, and identify any remedial measures needed;

xii.    Assessed future operation and maintenance schedules to ensure sustainability of the Project;

xiii.    Recommended any other steps that the borrower and EA need to take to ensure the project’s sustainable operation;

xiv.    Assessed the performance of the monitoring and evaluation system established for the project and reexamined the indicators selected for monitoring operations and assessing development impact;

xv.    Assessed significant environmental and poverty reduction impacts (include sociocultural impacts when applicable) of the project, and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of  any environmental control measures, resettlement plans, and poverty reduction measures; and

xvi.    Assessed whether the immediate development objective has been met and the likelihood of attaining long-term development goal.

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Client Asian Development Bank
Location Zamboanga
Country Philippines
Period Covered March 2004 - April 2004
No. of Staff Months 1.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months