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Farmers Empowerment through Agricultural Technology and Information Project (FEATI)
Description of Project

The Farmers Empowerment through Agricultural Technology and Information (FEATI) Project is aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and farmers incomes in selected districts in Indonesia. This would be achieved by empowering smallholders to drive the agricultural services agenda and improve their access to technical and market information by improving the delivery of research and extension services and promoting technology/farmers/agribusiness partnerships. 

The project emphasized three (3) key themes: (i) improving the investment climate for growth; (ii) making service delivery responsive to the poor, and (iii) investing in good governance. Project components include: (a) support to agricultural/forestry extension services; (b) support to agricultural research and development; (c) support to Rural Producer Organizations and (d) funding the promotion of public-private partnerships. A PHRD grant has been approved by the Japanese Government to carry out assessments and special studies and to finance project preparation and design for the FEATI Project.

The feasibility studies to be that were conducted included: (i) assessment of institutional arrangements and project design;  (ii) study of Rural Producer Organizations; (iii) study on upgrading public and private research, development, and extension (RD&E) system;  (iv) study of oil farmers/technology centers/ agribusiness partnership; and (v) knowledge management services (vi) project preparation and formulation. 

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Description of
Services Provided
  • Provided technical assistance in the development of a KM system for FEATI
  • Identified key performance indicators to determine impact, outcomes, and outputs, means of data collection, and mechanisms for periodic monitoring and evaluation
  • Prepared pre-feasibility studies identifying opportunities for partnership between research/technology owners, farmers/ RPOs, and private sector agribusiness and agro-industry entrepreneurs to be piloted under FEATI projectReviewed development projects that introduced participatory approaches to improve research and extension services. Collated standards of mobility, salary, training, qualification and extension
  • Defined current status of public and private research, development and extension institutions to support generation, testing, and dissemination of agricultural technology
  • Identified successful experiences from other countries to guide formulation of an institutional reform program for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the RD&E system of the Project
  • Examined institutional and financial models for division of responsibility of funding public research and extension system (staffing, training, and incentives) between the central level and the district (kabupaten), and sub-district (kecamatan) levels
  • Evaluated the design of DAFEP and other participatory extension or development projects and provide recommendations to improve them, as needed
  • Identified financing and fund flow implications at central, provincial, and district levels of proposed structural changes to publicly funded research, development, and extension services
  • Identified key indicators to measure the impact, outcomes, and outputs of institutional strengthening of public and private RD&E services at various levels
  • Assisted in the development a Project Implementation Manual (PIM). 
  • Provided technical assistance in the design of a farmer- and industry-driven RD&E
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Client BCEOM French Engineering Consultants-Philippine Office
Location Selected Districts
Country Indonesia
Period Covered May 2005 - November 2005
No. of Staff Months 8.00 person-months
Associated Consultant BCEOM French Engineering Consultants
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
3.00 person-months