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Participatory Irrigation Development Project (PIDP)
Description of Project

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) has conceptualized the Participatory Irrigation Development Project (PIDP) to address the objectives of institutional reform and strengthening of NIA, as well as improving service delivery to farmer-beneficiaries.  Factors such as the devolution of Communal Irrigation Systems (CISs) to Local Government Units (LGUs) and strengthening LGU roles in local development in accordance with the Local Government Code (LGC), rationalization of government offices by virtue of Executive Order  (EO)  366 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and the need to integrate these with the project design document prompted the engagement of Consultants  under Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD)-Technical Assistance.

The PIDP has three (3) main components: (i) NIA Institutional Strengthening and Financial Efficiency Improvement; (ii) Farmers’ Participation Enhancement and Sustainability Management; and (iii) CIS Sustainability Strengthening.

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Description of
Services Provided
  • Supervised and ensured timely and quality preparation of the overall project feasibility study, detailed implementation plans, procurement plans, detailed funds flow, various project preparation reports, baseline survey, social and environmental assessments, safeguards policies and measures, detailed project costing and the requisite project economic and financial analysis, investments plans and detailed engineering designs in the target areas, detailed implementation plans, as well other necessary project preparation documents;
  • Managed the Consultancy Team in preparing the following: NIA Institutional Reform and Supportive Mechanism Plan ; Establishment of National Irrigation Management Fund; Establishment of Communal Irrigation Development Fund (CIDF); Unification of Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) Policy and Irrigators Association (IA) Strengthening;  Enhancing of Irrigation Equipment Database and Supportive Mechanism
  • Conducted comprehensive inventory of GOP, business and civil society initiatives specially those related to the provision of support services in agriculture, poverty reduction/eradication measures, infrastructure, and resource inventory and review of the agri-fishery sector performance and potentials of Mindanao;
  • Reviewed completed initiatives and harmonize proposed activities with on-going project activities to enhance complementation and eliminate duplication of activities;
  • Implemented various preparation and pre-implementation workshops on various critical aspects (e.g., safeguards, technical aspects, procurement and financial management);
  • Managed the timely provision of expertise by the assigned technical specialists responsible for preparing the various project components, and ensuring such specialists are adequately briefed on their appropriate terms of reference and the overall development framework of the project to ensure tasks are performed in accordance with the quality expected and the work program timeline;
  • Liaised with the oversight agencies (NEDA, DBM, DoF) and ensure that their inputs are carefully studied and incorporated, where applicable,
  • Formulated the detailed project feasibility study, including detailed implementation plans, project costing, economic and financial analysis, investment plans, detailed engineering designs, operations manuals, funds flow, procurement plans.

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Client Department of Agriculture-National Irrigation Administration
Location Nationwide
Country Philippines
Period Covered February 2006 - November 2006
No. of Staff Months 60.00 person-months
Associated Consultant EURO ESTUDIOS
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
6.00 person-months