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Traning Services for the Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector(INFRES): Component 2: Capacity Building for Devolved Project Implementation and Management-Training Package 2-Courses 3 and 4
Description of Project

SDS was contracted by the InfRES Project Office to implement Courses 3 and 4 for Batches 7, 8, 9 and 10 covering 51 LGUs and participated by around 12 RFU representatives. The training courses aimed to strengthen the capabilities of the LGUs in subproject implementation and management specifically on the areas of project management and coordination; effective implementation and monitoring of environmental and resettlement plans and enhance knowledge and skills of LGUs in systems application, concepts and tools in M&E and MIS of InfRES project.

Course 3 on Environment and Resettlement Management was designed to provide an avenue for the participants to broaden their competencies on the concepts, processes and tools needed in addressing environmental concerns in the InfRES subprojects. This course was likewise intended to enable participants to prepare/refine their "Environmental Management Plan" and prepare "LAR Implementation Plan", which formed part of the subproject implementation plans. At the end of the four-day training, the participants were able to enhance their competencies in addressing environmental and resettlement issues and concerns through effective implementation and monitoring of well-developed environmental and resettlement management plans.

On the other hand, Course 4, Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Information Systems was designed to process and synthesize the compendium of data and records that the LGU participants have generated as a ready source for information and management decisions. These sources include those outputs in the Project Management and Coordination Course like the Project Framework and Targets, Work and Financial Plan, Procurement Plan, Environmental Management Plan and the like.

The Integrated Training Course on Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Information System for InfRES aimed to enhance the capability of the LGUs together with the DA Regional Field Units and Subproject Monitoring Board (SPMB) on the concepts and tools on M&E and MIS in InfRES project and information management. It also aimed to increase their skills in systems application and management of InfRES MIS in complementation with the existing and future Management Information Systems of the Department of Agriculture, the LGUs, and government in general.

At the end of the integrated training, the participants will have enhanced the necessary knowledge and skills on two major areas related to project management: 1) Monitoring and Evaluation, and 2) Management Information Systems.

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Description of
Services Provided

SDS primarily provided Training Management Services in the implementation of the 2 courses including all the logistical arrangements and administrative needs of the participants and consultants. Arranged transportation, accommodation, packaged and designed training presentations and materials. Provided briefing, pre-departure and departure orientation for participants. Provided all the necessary training documentation. Prepared training completion reports and monitored the improvement of the training participants. In close coordination with the InfRES PCO staff and management, undertaken the following:
- Updated the course design;
- Developed and packaged A+++ course handbook and training kits
- Implemented Structure Learning exercise (SLEs) to facilitate further the learning atmosphere;
- Update training evaluation tools, specifically pre-test and post-test;
- Designed and facilitated adult learning schemes for the training sessions
- Managed he development of expected outputs per training course
- Coached participants in the development of mentioned training outputs
- Administered pre-test ad post-test as well as daily evaluation to gauge participants' improvement in Knowledge, Skills and Attitude
- Arranged and facilitated site visit or exposure trip for Course 3
- Arranged and managed Opening and closing ceremony
- Conducted orientation and briefing before the start of each training activity
- Submitted documentation report per training batch

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Client Department of Agriculture-Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector
Location NCR, Regions 8 and 10
Country Philippines
Period Covered June 2007 - September 2007
No. of Staff Months 12.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months