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Provision of Training Services for the InfRES Project: Component 2: Capacity Building for Devolved Project Implementation and Management- Training Package 3-Course 2: Participatory Benefit and Impact Assessment of Subprojects for 51 LGUS
Description of Project

SDS was contracted by the InfRES Project Office to implement Training Package 3-Course: Participatory Benefit and Impact Assessment (PBIA) of Subprojects. Training Package 3-Course 2 introduced benefit and impact monitoring and evaluation (M&E)  while inculcating the use of participatory approaches and community-based benefit M&E and to provide inputs in the conduct of the benefit and impact evaluation in subprojects implemented by the LGUs.  The training provided the participants with knowledge and skills in monitoring the results and benefits derived from the interventions provided by the subproject, and in assessing the benefits against the projected results/outcomes of the subproject.

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Description of
Services Provided

The training enabled the participants from 51 LGUs to design their PBIA plan, including survey questionnaire, data gathering and statistical analysis and report writing. Outputs for each training include revised PBIA questionnaire and plan.

Training Management

The SDS Training team managed the 5-day training course implemented in 6 batches comprising 51 LGUs, NGO representatives and DA-RFUs nationwide. Technical resource persons were able to coach each LGU to develop their Participatory Benefit and Impact Assessment (PBIA) Plan and questionnaires.

SDS primarily was tasked to manage the implementation of the course; provide all the technical, logistical arrangements and administrative needs of the participants and consultants. Arranged transportation, accommodation, packaged and designed training presentations and materials, provided briefing, pre-departure and departure orientation to participants; provided all the necessary training documentation; prepared training completion reports and monitored the improvement of the training participants.

In close coordination with the  InfRES PCO staff and management, SDS PBIA team undertook the following:

  • Developed training framework and training design;
  • Developed and packaged A+++ course handbook and training kits
  • implemented Structured Learning exercise (SLEs) that facilitated learning process;
  • Updated training evaluation tools, specifically pre-test and post-test; 
  • Designed and facilitated adult learning schemes for the training sessions
  • Oversaw and managed the development of expected outputs per training course
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Client Department of Agriculture-Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector
Location NCR, Region 11
Country Philippines
Period Covered October 2007 - february 2008
No. of Staff Months 8.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months