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Provision of Training Services for the InfRES Project. Component 2: Capacity Building for Devolved Project Implementation and Management- Training Package 5-Design and Conduct of Operations and Maintenance for Farm-to-Market Roads for 81 LGUs nationwide
Description of Project

SDS was contracted by the InfRES Project Office to implement Training Package 5- Design and Conduct of Operations and Maintenance for Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) projects  of the 81 LGUs nationwide covered by InfRES. This is 3-day six-session training activity consisted of one-day lecture-discussions on the concepts and processes of O&M (Sessions 1 – 4); a day of planning; and day  of  on the job training.  The second day focused in the formulation or updating of existing O&M plans, including its implementation scheme (Session 5).  These first two days covered the In-House type of training. An On-Site on-the-job (OJT) training per LGU of the various routine maintenance activities, field exposure and experience sharing to existing FMR project commenced on day 3 (Session 6).  

Specifically, The training aimed to provide the project beneficiaries and end-users the knowledge and skills on O&M for FMR to ensure the sustainable operation and continued maintenance of the facilities created under the InfRES Project.

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Description of
Services Provided

The training enabled the participants from 81 LGUs to develop their Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) Operations and Maintenance Plan ; Maintenance map and re-entry plans. As well, covered communities were able to experience an on the job-training for FMR O&M.  

Training Management

The SDS training team composed of 3 groups (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao teams) managed the implementation of 13 Batches of  2-day in-house training in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and implemented 81 sessions of one-day on the job training for the covered barangays of LGU InfRES recipients.

For the OJT part, participants were led to a walk-through on-site demonstration of a kilometer road segment for the conduct of Road Condition Survey and detection of early signs and causes of road deterioration; and hands-on demonstration of various routine FMR O&M activities using the LB/ES method. Thru coaching during the in-house training, all LGUs were able to develop their FMR O&M plans and updated their maintenance maps.

SDS primarily provided all the technical, logistical arrangements and administrative needs of the participants and consultants. Arranged transportation, accommodation, packaged and designed training presentations and materials, provided briefing, pre-departure and departure orientation for participants; provided all the necessary training documentation; prepare training completion reports and monitored the improvement of the training participants.

In close coordination with the  InfRES PCO staff and management, undertook the following:

  • Developed training framework and training design for in-house training and on-the-site training
  • Developed and packaged A+++ course handbook and training kits for the in-house training
  • Developed leaflets, posters  and illustrated manual in vernacular language for the   community/barangays
  • Implemented Structure Learning exercise (SLEs) to facilitate further the learning atmosphere;
  • Updated training evaluation tools, specifically pre-test and post-test; 
  • Designed and facilitated adult learning schemes for the training sessions
  • Oversaw and managed the development of expected outputs per training course
  • Coached participants in the development of mentioned training outputs- O&M plans; Maintenance maps and their re-entry plans
  • Assisted each LGU in presenting their FMR O&M plans to community/barangay stakeholders.
  • Administered pre-test ad post-test as well as daily evaluation to gauge participants’ improvement in Knowledge, Skills as well as Attitude

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Client Department of Agriculture-Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector
Location Nationwide, 81 LGUs in 16 regions
Country Philippines
Period Covered March 2008 - August 2008
No. of Staff Months 14.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months