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Quantitative Baseline Study for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Kapit Bisig Laban Sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS)
Description of Project

The Millennium Challenge Corporation ("MCC") and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact for Millennium Challenge Account assistance to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in the Philippines. The goal of the Compact is to reduce poverty through economic growth. The objective of the Program is to increase the incomes of Filipinos through the benefits of community-driven sub-projects, obtain time savings and lower transportation costs for road users in Program areas and increase investment and government expenditure due to an increase in tax revenue and a reduction in corruption. The project framework that good roads can link households to good market opportunities, among others.

Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan - Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Service (KALAHI-CIDSS) is a community-driven development project implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Under KALAHI-CIDSS, communities and their Local Government Units (LGUs) are trained to choose, design and implement sub-projects that address their most pressing need.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Philippines (MCA-P) has contracted Sustainable Development Solutions (SDS) to undertake household surveys in 198 sample barangays representing198 target municipalities. The target municipalities cover 26 provinces in 12 administrative regions, namely: CAR, Regions IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and CARAGA. The baseline study shall provide useful information that will serve as basis in the planning of development programs for the target municipalities and in the preparation of needed policies and project proposals.

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Description of
Services Provided
  • Designed, implemented and managed the survey of 5,940 households in 198 municipalities (30 households per barangay per municipality) and 198 barangay surveys of which respondents were barangay officials;
  • Developed operational, recruitment and supervision plan;
  • Managed the procurement of data entry equipment (server, computer desktops, 30 laptops for field use) and GPS units (32 units); and setting up of data management office in Ortigas, Manila; North and South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao;
  • Developed and maintained a database -a data entry and coding programs that were used for the field and Central offices’ (double entry) entry of questionnaire data; 
  • Conducted field pilot test in Quezon province which served as basis for the revision and finalization of the survey instruments, data entry and coding program; and procedures;
  • Translated questionnaires in seven (7) dialects- Tagalog, Ilocano, Bicolano, Waray, Ilonggo, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano;
  • Hired 27 field survey teams that were deployed in the 26 covered provinces in 198 municipalities. Survey teams composed of 27 field supervisors; 189 field interviewers; 31 field data editors, 15 central office editors, and 10 data assistants;
  • Designed, managed and conducted a 13-day centralized training for 300 field survey team members composed of supervisors, editors and interviewers in Iloilo;
  • Obtained research permits from the 198 municipalities and paid courtesy calls with the various local government officials, people’s organization; and relevant stakeholders and community leaders;
  • Obtained GPS coordinates of the location of the residences of the 5,940 respondents to include landmarks of the covered 198 municipalities; and
  • Prepared analytical and survey reports that provided useful information and served as basis in the planning of development programs for the target municipalities and in the preparation of needed policies and project proposals. The study also outlined the client or beneficiaries’ expectations and provided examples of where DSWD-KC goods and service delivery standards could be aligned to communities’ needs.

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Client Millennium Challenge Account-Philippines
Location Nationwide, 198 municipalities in the 12 regions of the Philippines :CAR, Regions IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and CARAGA
Country Philippines
Period Covered February 2012 - January 2013
No. of Staff Months 904.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months