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Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for National Irrigation Sector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (NISRIP)
Description of Project

JICA’s recent assistance is a loan of $60.2 million (6.18 billion yen) for the National Irrigation Sector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (NISRIP) administered by the National Irrigation Administration. The project seeks to restore some 11,501 hectares and rehabilitate 24,169 hectares of agricultural lands. It seeks to improve the living standards of 22,563 Filipino farmers in 10 provinces. JICA is an independent governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance for the Japanese government.

The NISRIP is expected to increase the yield of rice farmers by at least one ton per hectare. The project, covering 154 irrigators’ associations around the country, focuses on the rehabilitation and improvement of irrigation facilities, and supports institutional development and capacity building of farmers. It includes participatory farm demonstrations, seed production, training of irrigators’ association members, and provision of agricultural machineries.

The project covers 11 irrigation facilities in 10 provinces that, once rehabilitated and improved, will allow farmers to harvest twice a year. The 11 irrigation systems covered by the project are: Malatgao river irrigation system (RIS) in Palawan, Madongan and Solsona RIS (Ilocos Norte), San Fabian RIS (Pangasinan), Porac-Gumain RIS (Pampanga), Dumacaa RIS (Quezon), Sta. Barbara RIS (Iloilo), Muleta RIS (Bukidnon), Mal RIS (Davao del Sur), Lambayong RIS (Maguindanao-Sultan Kudarat), and Simulao RIS (Agusan del Sur).

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Description of
Services Provided

·         Collect and review existing data, baseline information and documents related to institutional development; agricultural practices and farming conditions in target areas

·         Review and assist the PMO in revising/updating, if necessary, the Implementation Manual for Institutional Development including IMT Guidelines prepared by NIA/PMO;

·         Review the results of baseline survey and profiling of IAs conducted by NIA/PMO;

·         Review and recommend necessary revisions to the Training Program/Modules including IMT Implementation Program for NIA staff and IAs;

·         Review/modify existing monitoring assessment system and tools for institutional development component;

·         Conduct of Institutional Development trainings for target NIS Offices;

·         Conduct the training for IAs and FIAs, formation of IA federations; preparing of IMT contract documents and other activities related to institutional development;

·         Implementation of the IMT program in each NIS and preparing progress reports;

·         Review and assist PMO in finalizing the IA selection and sites for the IA offices and support facilities to be recommended by PhilRice;

·         revising/updating manual for agricultural support component prepared by PhilRice and DA in consultation with the PMO

assist the PMO in formulation and execution of plans for the agricultural support component

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Client National Irrigation Administration (NIA) - Japan International Cooperative (JICA)
Location Nationwide
Country Philippines
Period Covered March 2014 - Present
No. of Staff Months 127.00 person-months
Associated Consultant Nippon Koei Co., LTD. in joint venture with Sanyu Consultants Inc., in association with Philkoei International, Inc., and Hydro Terre Consultants, Inc
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
329.00 person-months