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Conduct of Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS) for the Department of Agriculture
Description of Project
The general objective the client satisfaction survey is to obtain feedback from clientele on DA’s provision of good and services. The client satisfaction survey:
  • assessed the level of satisfaction experienced overall, as well as of key components in the delivery of goods and public services under DA’s Technical and Support Services (TSS)
  • outlined client expectations and provide examples of where goods and service delivery standards could be aligned to clientele’ needs;
  • documented perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the equitable delivery of goods and  services;
  • gathered information from clients on needs they have which the service does not adequately address;
  • prioritized specific areas where services can be improved; and
  • provided tools that could be standardized, and baseline information for future service satisfaction surveys  of the Department of Agriculture
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Description of
Services Provided

In the conduct of the client satisfaction survey, SDS utilized the SERVQUAL model framework to determine clients’ expectations and experiences; and identified the gaps between the two. Results of which provided recommendations on areas of services that could be improved in the future.

SERVQUAL or RATER is a quality management framework developed in the mid-1980s by Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry to measure quality in the service sector. The model is a multi-item scale that breaks down the notion of service quality into five dimensions which were derived from five years of qualitative and quantitative customer service quality research: Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy; and Responsiveness (RATER) (Parasuraman, Berry and Zeitham, 1988 and 1990). These five basic criteria are used by clients, consciously or subconsciously to assess satisfaction of a service.

SDS carried out the following  in the conduct of the CSS:

  • Finalization of the assessment framework; detailed approach, methodology|strategy; sampling framework; study instruments;  process of the conduct of inventory of clientele;
  • Finalized the operational, recruitment and supervision plan; plan for pilot testing of the  tools and field procedures; plan for training of survey teams; selection, hiring, deployment and supervision of study teams; and communications plan;
  • Performed listing, acquisition and preliminary review of  secondary data[P1] ;
  • Developed data entry program; 
  • Hired, deployed and trained staff for inventory,  survey and qualitative study (FGD and KII) and data encoding composed of 12 Field survey teams, data management team (data encoders);
  • Validated the inventory  of goods, services and clients of DA TSS covering the period of January to December 2014;
  • Carried  out a pre-test of data gathering instruments for construct validity and reliability; pilot testing the field manual and data entry programs for the client satisfaction  survey (quantitative); and FGD and KII  tools(qualitative study);
  • Prepared or arranged for field work requirements: acquisition of survey permits, confirmation of survey, FGD and KII schedules and venue; and preparing all logistical requirements;
  • Managed and implemented the data collection using the SERVQUAL mode: carrying out client satisfaction survey among 5,000 sampled clients; conduct of FGD and KII; and review of secondary data;
  • Performed data entry which also included observation, checking and verification of data collected and entered; and
  • Performed data analysis and preparation of Final CSS Report.

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Client Department of Agriculture
Location Nationwide, All regions
Country Philippines
Period Covered March 2015 - July 2015
No. of Staff Months 114.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
No. of Staff Months
Provided by
Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months