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Conduct of Feasibility Study for Matuno River Development Project at Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya
Description of Project

The proposed MRDP was conceptualized by NIA Region 02 in its desire to increase the irrigation development rate in the region and thereby increase rice production, which, in turn, will increase self-sufficiency   rate in rice.  Towards this direction, the initial project concept involves one reservoir dam, one diversion dam, and structures and facilities for irrigation and power supply, being a multi-purpose project that would utilize water for irrigated agriculture and power generation.

The MRDP is supportive of the Government’s   goal of improving    food   security   and   increasing    rural   income   by   enhancing    farm productivity. It is one of the major irrigation development projects of NIA-R02   under the Ten-Year Irrigation   Development   Plan of the province   of Nueva Vizcaya. 

Located in the central part of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, the proposed project is accessible from NIA Nueva Vizcaya Irrigation Management Office (NVIMO) and from NIA Region 02 Office at Cauayan, Isabela via land transportation for about thirty minutes and three to four hours, respectively.  

Preliminary observations show that the area coverage would involve around 1,200 ha consisting of new area and the existing service area of a Communal Irrigation System which would possibly be served by the project, depending on final decisions re: development scheme.

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Description of
Services Provided

By the end of the contract period, the expected output under the services shall be a     complete     and    acceptable     FS,    with    a   definite implementation   plan of the recommended   scheme based on the alternatives/configurations/technologies     considered, among others, including the preliminary engineering designs and the most appropriate financing scheme.

In further detail, the FS shall:

Cover the technical, economic and financial aspects of the proposed irrigation, including   environmental study, vulnerability assessment, preparation of sustainability plans, and analysis of alternative financing scheme;


As a result of discussions during the Pre-bid Conference on July, 2016, the environment and Social Assessment (ESA) shall be an assessment of baseline (pre-project) condition instead of the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) previously required in the TOR.

Undertake Value Engineering/ Value Analysis (VE/VA) with regards to the selection of the best possible implementation/ project options/ configurations to ensure that the best scheme providing the projects intended outputs  will be selected,  e.g., which  would  yield  the highest  value-for-money (VfM) and which may  include  new available  technology  that  can be used to deliver  the project  or components   of the  project.

The VE/VA study shall include an analysis of alternative financing schemes,   e.g., whether full National   Government   (NG) funding,   Official Development    Assistance     (ODA),   or   Public-Private Partnership (PPP),   including    an   analysis    of financing   risks.

Aside from the above-stated content aspects, the TOR requires the conduct of coordination meetings with NIA with the following purposes:

•    discuss the progress of work and the preliminary output;

•    give the Government, that is, NIA, opportunity to make comments and suggestions on a timely basis; and

•    resolve problems and issues that may be encountered in the course of task performance.

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Client National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Regional Office 2
Location Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya
Country Philippines
Period Covered September 2016 - Present
No. of Staff Months 0.00 person-months
Associated Consultant None
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Associated Consultant
0.00 person-months